Saturday, 31 December 2011

Peter and Debbie Become Guest Dependent

Our household, like a struggling African country plagued by pre-colonialism, colonialism, post-colonialism, Imperialism, the Bilderburgers, the Skull and Bones, the IMF and neo-conservative global economic systems, has become dependent on the generous aid of outsiders. 

Margaret, who came here from the bustling city of Bukoba, has helped us to develop.  She brought with her wine, cheese and her youthful idealistic enthusiasm but mostly she brought with her practical skills to help us move forward.

As shown in the picture above she brought certain plumbing skills.  She showed us what this little brush was for and we let her go to town.

We wern't completely sure what to do when the glass bulb in the ceiling failed to light.  We bought candles but Margaret showed us how to do electrical work.

Admittedly our house was a bit dirty.  Margaret changed all that.  She put her development skills to work sweeping the dust from our floors and the cobwebs from our minds.

She washed the dirt from the clothes but she told us that she was learning more than she was teaching.

Alas, we have become guest dependent.  When Margaret leaves---will we sink back into the swamp of pre-development?  Will we be able to continue to follow her example?  Will we be able to take ownership of our own development?  Is this a sustainable situation?   These are big questions.

When will more guests arrive?

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  1. Please send her to Mtwara when she's finished at your place :)
    xx Marije and Tim
    ps Debra thanks for your lovely textmessage at new years eve. Peter the apron looks very good on you!